When we arrived in the spring of 1994, my roommate Laurent Quesnel and I thought that we would be spending 2 or 3 years in this party and creation place and move on. But... the place was in a shambles and everything had to be done. Larry followed the plan and moved in with his girlfriend of the time. For some reason I decided to stick around and start the transformation of the space. Renovations that not too long ago seemed endless in the eyes of some were finally completed. As the project is finished (for now) often using recycled materials before it became fashionable to do so, I now want to open it for all to see and experience those never-ending nights where good spirits meet , love finds its way and travellers and strangers are always welcome. Naturally if my work inspires you and you have space transformation work to be done or creation projects at large get in touch with me.





Situated on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, known locally as the Main, you will have a panoramic view on the heart of the city and its activities. This 2000 square feet (200m2) loft with its 2 bedrooms has a spacious, attractive and comfortable 800 square feet (80m2) common area situated at the front of the loft with 7 large windows and an open air kitchen. You will also find two bathrooms, one of them with an out of the ordinary shower with a skylight and a heated wall, plus a workshop.

In the fully functional kitchen you will find a wide variety of spices and seasonings, a microwave, blender, dishwasher and everything else you expect with also a BBQ on the balcony. You will also have access to the phone, unlimited high speed internet and a washer drier. A complete entertainment centres with Netflix, DVD’s, and even VHS's with sound systems in each living areas.  Hundreds of CD’s and thousands of mp3 of a wide array of musical genres, with a very large selection of books, magazines and board games. A hammock, a massage table, fitness equipment, a large luminous dining table and rich heteroclite decoration complete the space. You will also find comfortable beds and well conceived storage areas. With its high ceilings and large windows giving way to natural light, the space transforms itself at night through subdued lighting.

Nearby you will have access to a variety of festivals held year round in the Montreal area. Bars, restaurants, drug stores, liquor store, a 24h grocery store across the street, two metro stations and the Bixi bike rental service for those of you who like to wander around on two wheels. You will also find close by the Mont-Royal with its tam tam’s on Sunday summer days and a wide array of activities, museums and neighbourhoods to discover.

If you have questions during your stay, you will have access to a knowledgeable host who knows his city and its surrounding areas. You will be able to contact me at all times and maybe even live with me depending on the rental option chosen. I'm easy-going and have been working on my space and those of others for more then 20 years.

The loft is also available for special events such as private parties, vernissages, photoshoots etc…

For further information please contact me.

Enjoy the tour !