The Hockey Brotherhood Association came into being in 1999 when I returned from a six-month trip from Oceania and Asia. I joined a group of guys playing in the last semi-outdoor arena in Montreal located in NDG on Saturday nights. The organizer of the games quickly turned to me so that I find new players as his list was drying up. I set up the Satnite Hockey Brotherhood to baptize our sports events. Because the vast majority of the crew were anglophone, that's the name that seemed to me the most appropriate at the time without knowing the impact that this decision, to organize hockey games, would have in my life.

Over the years in our traditional post-game get togethers where we would break bread while taking a "few" beers I joked around about creating a league called "La Ligue Fédérale des As" named from a fusion of two leagues mentioned in the cult film "Slap Shot". After several years of waiting and lobbying I finally managed to get two consecutive ice times that allowed me to create the LFA. Since its creation, the league has grown to a dozen teams for the moment with more than 800 active members.

The spirit of the Satnit (and not night) Hockey Brotherhood lives on in the league and the association was born at the same time to take charge of the community aspect of my sports activities which every year sets up two to three fundraisers for various community organizations.